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Learn More About the ABC Cares Foundation in South Florida


 Support Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts through Associated Builders and Contractors

Donations made to the ABC Cares Foundation (an IRS 501c3) for this purpose will be restricted to directly financial support of relief efforts and are 100% tax deductible.

ABC Cares Foundation New Vice President of Development

COCONUT CREEK, FL- ABC Cares Foundation is pleased to announce that William Hayden Casson has joined the team as Vice President of Development. In this role, Casson will work with the community and construction industry to increase awareness…  Click Here to Read More

For decades, the ABC Florida East Coast Chapter has been known as a reliable commercial construction trade association. We’re committed to helping professionals just like you hone your skills and move up the career ladder. However, we also recognize the importance of giving back to the community that’s been so kind to us over the years. We aim to make our neighborhoods a better place for all. Our members know “giving back” is more than just offering superb services; it’s also about helping our neighbors in need.

What Is the ABC Cares Foundation?

The ABC Florida East Coast Chapter doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to giving back. We demonstrate these values every day. Members of ABC serve their communities in a plethora of ways. In the past, ABC Cares Foundation has found success with annual holiday events, partnerships with local charities, and golf and fishing tournaments benefitting charity. We make huge efforts to support organizations such as the American Red Cross, but we also put our resources into helping individuals in need. Over the years, we’ve developed a method of helping our community members directly. Today, we’re a recognized 501c3 organization ready to help those less fortunate.

A 501c3 formed to give back to the members of the construction industry.
It provides rapid financial assistance to help construction workers affected by tragedies, including injuries, death, illness and other unfortunate circumstances.
It also provides scholarships and educational stipends.

A Glimpse into What Makes Us Different

Many foundations do good work for their communities, but ABC Cares Foundation stands out from the rest. Here, 98 cents for every dollar goes straight to charity. We operate with very little overhead, meaning anything you donate to us is guaranteed to go to someone in need. Those small overhead costs we mentioned? They almost all go toward review by an independent CPA firm, so you can count on your contribution going directly to the charity.
We also stand out for our collaboration efforts. Although we’re an organization of construction professionals, we’re always looking to experts in the non-profit field for help. ABC Cares Foundation is predominantly run by individuals with a background in non-profit management, along with support from trade professionals.

ABC East Florida Cares Foundation in South Florida

Where Is Your Contribution Going?

Donating to those in need is what we love most at ABC Cares Foundation. Many of our funds go to contractors experiencing hardships. Recently, we donated upwards of $7,000 to contractors who lost many of their tools and resources to Hurricane Irma. Steve Randel at S&R Contracting was one of our recipients. We gifted him $1,000 to be used at Home Depot to help recoup costs. In his own words, Randel exclaimed, “This is the first help I have received from anybody, ever. I lost all my tools in the hurricane…I appreciate this very, very much.”

ABC Cares Foundation in South Florida

Helping Individuals, Not Just Companies

Besides contractors, our commercial construction trade association is also here to help individuals. The ABC Cares Foundation has put funds toward helping Rene Guzman, a worker who fell three stories while on the job. We’re proud to have supported this dedicated man, along with his family. Our team is also committed to helping those less fortunate. We stepped in to help the Bush family from Rush Construction celebrate Christmas. Your contributions went to ensure Ralph Bush’s children had presents for the holidays.
In addition to making charitable donations, your funds also go to help students at the ABC Institute. Each year, we award thousands of dollars to students with exemplary academic records and a bright future ahead of them.

Meet Our Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is what makes the ABC Cares Foundation tick. Our board members are experts in a range of construction topics and regularly contribute to the wellbeing of the organization. Meet our board members here:

  • Rex Kirby, Verdex Construction
  • Gene Herman, Herman Construction Services, Inc.
  • James McConchie, Elcon Electric, Inc.
  • Harold Yarborough, D&B Tile Distributors
  • Peter Dyga, President and CEO, Associated Builders and Contractors

Make Your Donation Today

Interested in lending a hand in your community? ABC Cares Foundation is proud to be a reliable conduit for raising funds for those in need. As a commercial construction trade association, we want the best for our workers and the neighborhoods we live in, where everyone contributes and has respect for those less fortunate. Donate to our cause today or get in touch with the ABC Florida East Coast Chapter to learn more!

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