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Our Chapter Store Can Help Grow Your Business

ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is a community of commercial construction professionals that can help you expand your business. Our associated builders and contractors in South Florida have extensive industry experience and will serve as valuable resources to your organization as you seek to earn construction projects. We are proud to provide logbooks to help you keep accurate records of your jobs. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter also supplies a wide range of construction site signs to ensure you are in compliance with Florida law and your employees and contractors are safe. Call us today to learn about our available supplies, the benefits of becoming an ABC Florida East Coast Chapter member, and more.

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ABC Florida East Coast Chapter Members Enjoy Chapter Store Benefits

We are among the most influential commercial construction organizations in the region. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter has nearly a half-century’s worth of experience in the industry. We help our members by providing leadership, ethics, and integrity throughout the community. Additionally, we help develop individualized training and education to advance everyone’s best interests. Among the many benefits of becoming a member is access to products within our chapter store at discounted rates. Our products include daily logbooks and construction site signs. But that is not all. Members also enjoy:

  • Apprenticeship program
  • Construction education
  • Safety training
  • Safety consulting
  • Human resources
  • Legal resources
  • Member discount programs
  • Community events

We Provide Legal Construction Site Signs

Florida law requires construction sites to post appropriate signage throughout every construction area. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter offers a wide range of construction site signs, including:

  • Felony sign
  • Drug sign
  • Hard hat sign

These durable 24”x36” aluminum signs are reusable, with riveted corners for easy mounting on site fences. They meet all applicable Florida laws regarding sign language and lettering necessary to prosecute under F.S. 812 and 810. If someone breaks into a construction site in the Sunshine State, they may only be charged with a misdemeanor. However, if you post one of our signs, the resulting penalty is a felony. Members are eligible to receive discounts for construction site signs, so be sure to sign up today.

Order Site Signs

Felony Sign

Front side is in English
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Felony Sign

Reverse side is in Spanish
Members – $35.00
Non-Members – $70.00

Drug Sign

Members – $30.00
Non-Members – $60.00

Hard Hat Sign

Members – $20.00
Non-Members – $40.00

What Separates Our Construction Site Signs

Our construction site signs are made using durable aluminum, which means you can use them over and over again. Many of our competitors’ signs comprise of plastic and fade quickly. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter’s signs will stand the test of time. But that is not the only perk of using our supplies. We can customize your aluminum signs with company logos. This allows you to increase your brand awareness and improve your marketing reach while still meeting occupational safety and health standards. We create our signs with the Florida climate in mind, so you can rest assured they will stand up to our weather. Our construction signs are highly visible from the street, durable, and significantly less expensive than products made from PVC or vinyl. Call us today to begin designing yours.

construction and maintenance daily logs

Our Log Books Make Recordkeeping Easy

It is essential to keep track of all the projects your company completes, sub-contractor progress, additional work authorizations, special assignments, problems and delays, equipment use, materials purchased, workforce numbers, safety meetings conducted, and a litany of other details. You cannot accomplish this with sticky notes or loose pieces of paper. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter supplies log books so that you can keep all of your records in one convenient location. Maintaining an official daily log will protect you during legal proceedings. Official records will work in your favor for matters involving arbitration or litigation. Choose from either of our styles, each of which is available at a discount to ABC Florida East Coast Chapter members:

Order Log Books

The Standard Edition
  • One page per day
  • 365 days
  • Single volume
  • 7×10” book
  • Ideal for superintendents and supervisors
The Pocket Edition
  • One page per day
  • 92 days
  • Sewn pages with soft cover
  • 4×6½” style
  • Perfect for foremen, crew leaders, and supervisors

Contact ABC Florida East Coast Chapter Today

ABC Florida East Coast Chapter’s store is your one-stop-shop for construction site signs and logbooks. We are proud to serve construction companies and contractors throughout South Florida and beyond. In addition to providing supplies, we offer a range of services that help our members cultivate relationships, find employees, and learn best practices. We are eager to welcome you to our construction community and provide you with all the resources you need to succeed. Contact us today to get started.

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