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What ABC Florida East Coast Chapter Can Do for You

If you’re looking to join a professional organization dedicated to construction workers, you’ve come to the right place. ABC Florida East Coast Chapter in South Florida is the state’s premier professional association for construction workers. Our members specialize in everything from plumbing to safety standards, and your voice would make an excellent addition. We provide several services to our members and the community, including advocacy and education. Contractors and managers across the state trust us for our exceptional training programs and opportunities for networking.

Start Your ABC Membership Today

We welcome new members into the ABC Florida East Coast Chapter all the time. ABC membership comes with a wide variety of perks that you’ll benefit from regardless of what stage of your career you’re in. For those just starting out in the construction industry, our members can take advantage of a plethora of training opportunities to hone their skills in a particular craft. Not only do our members have the benefit of learning new skills, but they also get the chance to network with the area’s top companies and fellow construction management professionals. We also make it our priority to provide resources for workplace safety. Construction accidents are common and often preventable. We educate our members on best practices for keeping a construction site safe and secure for everyone. Find out all that we can offer you.

Learn More About the Politics and Policy of ABC

ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is very involved in relevant legislation and state standards regarding construction. We advocate for the industry’s best interests. Our organization has the chance to make a real impact on the industry, with seven county commissions located in our chapter region. We operate on the local, state, and federal levels lobbying for your interests. But you have a say as well! Your voice is crucial to reaching our goals of protecting your rights. To stay up to date on the latest laws, political campaigns, and government affairs, you can download the ABC app.

Look to Us for Top-Notch Construction Education

Education is a major priority of the ABC Institute. We want to raise the next generation of construction professionals, and providing top-notch education is crucial. Our team offers programs in a wide range of crafts, including masonry, carpentry, HVAC, electrical, safety and supervision, and plumbing. Whatever aspect of construction most interests you, we’d be happy to provide the education you need to succeed. Once you’ve completed your training, you may even be able to use one of our connections to get a job in the area. Construction is a lucrative career that only becomes more beneficial when you have the training to back you up.

Why Join Us

So many choose to join the ABC Association because of our sterling reputation with companies and contractors across the state. We cultivate relationships with many of the top construction firms in the area, allowing them to find employees from our training programs. In turn, our thousands of students have found stable, lucrative employment through one of our connections. If you’re looking for a way to further your education or improve your career prospects, ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is among the top organizations to join.

Contact Us Today

Whether you’re a seasoned plumbing professional or you’re ready for your first job in the construction industry, ABC Florida East Coast Chapter can help you. We’re known for our exceptional education programs and huge networking events. You’re sure to make new connections through your membership, thereby making it much easier to find a job. Furthermore, you’ll take advantage of numerous member discounts for cell phones, office supplies, and much more. If you’re located in or around South Florida, joining ABC Florida East Coast Chapter is the best thing you can do for your construction career. Contact us to start your membership or to ask any questions you may have.

The Voice of Commercial Construction

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