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Politics and Policy of ABC Florida East Coast Chapter

The ABC of Florida 2021 Legislative Report covers in detail the recent Florida Legislature session and how ABC made a difference! Please download your copy today! Additionally, The ABC of Florida State Convention gives you an opportunity to make connections and develop relationships with peers from five Florida Chapters, while enjoying Florida’s gulf coast. Reserve your room for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota.

florida state capitol building

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ABC is the AMA or AARP of the construction industry. As a member, your voice is heard in local, state, and national government. Our South Florida commercial construction trade association has full-time professional legislative staff at the chapter level (to interface with local government) as well as in Tallahassee and Washington, DC. NOBODY does more, invests more and contributes more to government affairs and political campaigns on behalf of the commercial construction industry than ABC.

Known as “The Voice of Commercial Construction,” ABC’s ranking as one of the most influential organizations in the country by the U.S. Congress (according to surveys of congressional staff and members by Fortune Magazine) helps us stand guard to protect you and your business’ rights in legislative and regulatory areas.

Both Local State and Federal Representation

In our chapter region alone, we have seven county commissions, seven school districts, seven county building departments, four significant ports, three major airports, countless municipal offices, and special districts. Local government impacts our members on multiple levels every day, and it’s our goal to represent the best interests of the industry. As a chapter member, you have seven registered lobbyists representing your interests in Tallahassee, FL. For more information about what ABC does at the state level, please utilize the following links:

2021 Legislative Priorities ABC of Florida

The Voice of Commercial Construction

Nobody Does More To Represent The Industry Before Federal, State and Local Government