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ABC’s Chapter Political Committee

Help Us Help You! Support the ABC Political Committee!

ABC believes very strongly that we must “Get Into Politics or Get Out of Business”.  The commercial construction industry is one of the most regulated industries in Florida and if we are not speaking with our elected representatives about how their actions impact our industry, we are not doing our job.  Part of this effort must be to engage in the election process and we need your support.  Please contribute now to the ABC Political Committee. Contributions can be personal or corporate and are not tax deductible.

With your help, ABC was able to get these bills that benefit your business passed UNANIMOUSLY:

 Retainage Bill: Reducing Retainage from 10% to a Flat 5% Rate on public construction.
 Permit Fee Transparency Bill: Increasing Predictability and Certainty
 Workforce Education Bill: Addresses Workforce Shortage

You can help keep the momentum going so we can keep on winning by making a donation to our chapter PAC. 
Keep ABC Strong. Keep ABC Winning. KEEP ABC GREAT!

Federal Level

There are two ways in which you can help support of Legislative Efforts in Washington DC

ABC National Political Action Committee

These contributions must be made through personal dollars and are not tax deductible.  The money raised helps to support our Federal Candidates in their campaign efforts and in advocating for the Merit Shop Contractor.

Click Here to Contribute

Free Enterprise Alliance

Contributions to the Free Enterprise Alliance may be either personal OR corporate contributions and are not tax deductible.  The ABC Free Enterprise Alliance helps to elevate the voice of the Merit Shop Contractor on issues of critical importance to the industry in key political markets.

Click Here to Contribute

The Voice of Commercial Construction

Nobody Does More To Represent The Industry Before Federal, State and Local Government